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Impending Hostility (War Black​/​Death Metal)

by PRELUDIUM (Poland)

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Gematriel The military feel is real. Well played Preludium !!! Brutal !
Anuj Gupta
Anuj Gupta thumbnail
Anuj Gupta tracks the machine gun and the band is assaulting with it. Favorite track: Realm of Void.
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Polish martial attack is imposed upon our territory. Invading forces lead with impregnable tanks fuelled with a determination of complete domination. With an air of insolence, they march on with the specially modified 7-string engines of distortion revving, warcannons blasting and snare-machineguns rattling until no man is left standing. Fearful onslaught is carried out under the exhortations of an all-powerful commander, his words of spite leaving a dreadful ring in the ears of his victims. The final imprint will be of utter devastation, of bones and dust mingling with one another.

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"The guitars throughout Impending Hostility are thick and chunky, rolling over you with the assistance of a rumbling tank for a rhythm section that come across like the rattling of machine guns firing across the front line — rapid fire and slinging lead like nobody’s business." - Metal Maniacs 3.5/5

"Make sure you guys check out “Impending Hostility” because it is no doubt one of the heaviest releases." - Sputnik Music 4.5/5

"There is a beautiful order to be found within all the chaos, in the form of brutally sweet guitar riffs." - Metal Gallows 90%

"A brilliant demonstration of utter brutal-ness and intimidating aural warfare stories. A must have. A must listen." - Brutal Pokhara 90/100

"it smashes your face in with surprising energy and verve." - Metal Crypt 4/5

"Matches up well in terms of execution and style when it comes to the legacy left by their talented and respected Polish peers" - Rate Your Music 4/5

"When England has Bolt Thrower and Netherlands has Hail Of Bullets, Poland got its Preludium." - Indian Music Revolution 8.5/10

""Impending Hostility" is one more proof of the outstanding Death Metal Poland has to offer." - Voices from the Darkside

"With a burly but not overdone production, some convincing low-register growls and a sense of confidence, Preludium is a very competent act" - Last Rites

"It has a special quality and you always know where you stand with it. Great stuff." - MetalTeam UK

"Yes, this is stuff worth checking out if you like death metal performed professional and with the right feeling." - Lords of Metal

"A must listen album to any black/death metal fans out there." - Daevasripper on Metal-Archives 83%

"Łukasz Dziamarski and his soldiers have created a solid slab of blackened death metal with this album that manages to distinguish itself a fair degree from legions of bands in its genre" - Metal Spree

"Condito da un’ottima tecnica esecutiva, da idee valide che si traducono in cambi di tempo impossibili, inserti di batteria ai limiti delle capacità umane, assoli che mettono seriamente in crisi la dinamica meccanica delle corde delle chitarre. Ancora scuola polacca. Ed i Preludium meritano sicuramente di salire in cattedra." -


released October 2, 2010

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