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Redemption (Spiritual Black​/​Death Metal)

by PRELUDIUM (Poland)

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Preludium releases its finest album till date. Spiritual-themed, the album is saturated with hues from both Black and Death Metal genres without compromising on the aesthetic of either. Intense, atmospheric and memorable, 'Redemption' guides the listener through tales of morality, determination and escape from the circles of life and death.

Artwork is done by Upgrade Studio Design (Poland)

Preludium is -
Lukasz Dziamarski - Guitars, Voc
Jan Skowron - Guitars
Piotr Ungeheuer - Drums
Marcin "Mrzawa" Deszcz - Bass

All music by Preludium
All lyrics by Kunal Choksi (editor/owner of Transcending Obscurity), inspired by the teachings of Sri Sri Paramahansa Yoganandaji

Reviews -

Album of the year list - #3 Preludium – Redemption
"it is quite a masterpiece in blackened death metal." - Metal Gallows

"Preludium have conjured up a record that is easily one of the best extreme metal albums to come out this year." - Axis of Metal (US) 9.5/10

"It’s definitely the kind of death metal that you want to hear and that you’ll appreciate. Fuck, these guys might even be better than Behemoth!" - The Grim Tower (UK) 9/10

"Easily as good as anything their Polish peers have released and in my opinion a better record yet!" - Destructive Music (UK) 9/10

"Preludium wants to take you on a voyage" - Blackened Horde (US) 9/10

"The album is still drenched in black and death Metal influences and they haven't compromised on their aesthetic vision of their overall sound, which remains both intense and atmospheric." - (UK) 4.5/5

"Every piece on "Redemption" seems to have fallen into the right spots very effortlessly, to make this record a very good and convincing wholeness altogether that the fans of extreme Metal surely can respect." - Voices from the Darkside (Germany)

"Atutem krążka są także zmienne tempa kawałków, więc nie uświadczymy w nim monotonności." - The Eye of Every Storm (Poland) 9.5/10

"Preludium successfully unites music with lyrics that are spiritual." - Metalbleeding Corp (Indonesia)

"Redemption can truly stand toe-to-toe with most of Poland’s blackened death metal output over the last decade." - Metal-Observer (Canada)

"It’s highly recommended for loyal fans of dark brutality" - Zombie Ritual (Mexico)

"This is also a real grower; the more you listen to it the more it gets its meaty claws in you." - Wonderbox Metal (UK)

"Preludium have a sort of esoteric mastery behind their cursory veil of metal mayhem." - Two Guys Metal Reviews (France)

"It is heavy, it is dark, it destroys." - Echoes and Dust (UK)

"This is what in Swedish could be called “stjärtsmiskarmetal”. Ass whooping metal." - Battlehelm (US)

"the music also sounds darker than before, and the album breathes a tasty ominous and lugubrious atmosphere." - Lords of Metal (Netherlands)

"Redemption is namelijk veruit hun beste werk tot nu toe." - Zware Metalen (Netherlands)

"The mood of the album is very immersive and strong" - Avantgarde Meal (Germany)

"Ogólnie rzecz biorąc, po n-tym odsłuchu stawiam tezę, że płyta jest idealnym materiałem do odegrania na żywca kawałek po kawałku, w porządku jak na płycie." - Heretica Radio (Poland)

"Czego im życzę, licząc na to, że zapchana, śmiertelna scena, znajdzie dla nich odrobinę miejsca w świetle jupiterów." - Violence Magazine (Poland) 4.5/6

"this is another great sounding recording from Preludium" - Bringer of Death (US)


released January 5, 2014

2014 Transcending Obscurity Records /



all rights reserved
Track Name: Soul Torment
Torment begins
After one fails to
Decipher the laws
Of nature

Poison, corrosion
Moral erosion
Takes place
Resulting in
Soul torment

Emotional imbalance
Mental disillusion
Relations sever
Prosper only to
Witness downfall

Friendships are a farce
Family members turn distant
Love is an expression
Unworthy to be felt
Soul torment

Spiritual perception
Pierces through deception
The laws of nature
Unseen but present
Disobey at your own peril
Track Name: Altars of Redemption
Too often we transfer the blame
For the wrong we have done
The Creator is not responsible
For the things we have done wrong

Moral transgressions have consequences
Failure to comply causes degradation of life
What is beyond normal comprehension
Is not necessarily false

Too often we think we are masters
Everything is in our grasp
If that is so why do we suffer
Mortals perish that is the law

Law is created by a higher power
Governed by forces beyond our control
Forces we can’t see exist
As does our Creator
Track Name: Incarnations
It is foolish to assume
That one life is all we have
What we sow we reap
In this incarnation or the next

Some are born rich, some poor
Some healthy, some crippled
There is a universal law
That dictates the destiny

Destiny is self-written
Shaped by our choices
There is always an option
To do good or bad

Our choices mould our destiny
Through incarnations
The only way out is to evolve
Progressively in every incarnation
Track Name: Root of Suffering
Compels one to change
To look within
To find the root

Is a teacher
Without suffering
There would be no change

Makes you appreciate
The things that you
Take for granted

The root of suffering
Is your ignorance
Of the universal laws
Common to one and all
Track Name: Circle of Life
Circle of life
Geared by deeds
To be reaped
What you have sown

Trapped in this life
Without any memories
Of the past
Future is what you make yourself

Scattered hopes
Bittersweet experiences
Longing for deliverance
From a higher power

Justice is served
Destiny is self-made
No one to blame
But yourself

The only way out
Of this circle of life
Is not death
It is the knowing of the imperishable Self
Track Name: The Seven Gates of Hell
Evil doers, sinners
Have a place for them
In the seven realms
Of increasing severity

After death
They are not free
They are confined to the
Nightmarish chambers of
Hellish suffering

Penance has its forms
You can't escape your fate
Guilt is your only companion
Help is in guise of temporary relief

One's life is not meaningless
Not to be wasted in the gambles of delusions
For like the seven gates of hell
There are indeed the seven gates of heaven
Track Name: Destiny of Mortals
Chaos regimes
Influence hordes
What is condemned
Leads to damnation

War, plagues, famines
Destruction through the aeons
Is nature’s way of restoring balance
To the world that is rotting

Ultimately good prevails
Kingdoms are toppled
Mass genocide
Victimized are freed

To be a part of this madness
Is upon the individual
What others do, is not necessary
That you should do also
Track Name: Arena of Souls
Metaphysical entities
Roam in the realms beyond our own
Contact is possible
Through evil and spiritual means

Evident through the ages
Communication with the dead
Is a secret art

Possession is possible
Through the contact of disembodied souls
History is proof of its existence
Medical science is futile

Dream is the portal
Through which messages are transferred
Everyone has had that experience
Few realize its meaning
Track Name: Hatred Breeds Suffering
Contempt for humanity
Hatred for individuals
Despise the notion
It is a boomerang
For it attracts those who you
Hate the most

Wishing for the downfall of others
Brings the downfall of our own
Catastrophic redemption
Invokes the suffering
On our own self

The more you hate
The more you suffer
The more you suffer
The more you realize
That hatred breeds suffering
Track Name: Sins of Mankind
Of the pernicious kind
Causes self-destruction
Through karmic retribution

Decimates peace of mind
Causes mental imbalance
Emotions raging out of control

Wanting for more than desired
Causes endless dissatisfaction
Never content, never happy

Is the worst of all sins
Causes magnified suffering
For betrayal of trust and faith

Is irredeemable
Causes one to be reborn in dire state
For transgressing the life of a human soul